This post by Ex tabulis is a worthwhile read for all information professionals (and future information professionals too) who are thinking about their personal branding and online profiles.

(Also thanks a million for the kind words about my Tumblr Venn! I never thought people would pay it more than a passing glance. I’m kind of wishing I’d spent more time on it now!)

A Mass of Odds and Ends

A few weeks ago, I attended a session for library students/new professionals called “Personal Branding and Your Online Presence.” The workshop featured three speakers – Justin Hoenke (Justin the Librarian), Rebecca Goldman (Derangement and Description), and Naomi House (INALJ – I Need A Library Job) – who each gave advice on how to create and maintain a positive online presence. You can find out more about each speaker and find their presentations here. Attendees were also given a personal branding handout with more resources after the event. Find my notes about the presentations after the jump.

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